Todd Alsup is a pop/soul singer & songwriter based in New York City.

Nina Amelio is a pop singer & songwriter based in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Janet Cull is a soul/blues/rock singer & songwriter based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

Jenna Watters is an Americana/soul singer/songwriter based in Austin, Texas.

Jay Francois is a country singer/songwriter based in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Caroline Roman is a young pop singer/songwriter who is from Columbus, Georgia.

Costas Bigalis is a pop & rock singer/songwriter who is from Athens, Greece.

Michael Murphy is a rock/pop singer/songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand, who fronts the band, Written By Wolves.

Morgen La Civita is a pop/soul/blues singer/songwriter from Raleigh, NC.

Olivia Millerschin is an indie-pop singer/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan.

Ryan Kennedy is a Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas.

Aaron Ball is an acoustic/pop/rock singer & songwriter from Toronto, ON, Canada.

Andrea Gal is an AC/pop singer & songwriter from Toronto, ON, Canada.

Derrick Procell is a blues/rock singer & songwriter from Chicago, IL.

Melissa B is a pop/R&B/EDM singer & songwriter from New York City.

Larissa Lam is an EDM/soul/pop singer & songwriter from Los Angeles, CA.

Mary Jennings is a pop/rock singer & songwriter from Nashville, TN.

Silvina is a pop/EDM singer & songwriter from New York City.

Josh Cisneros is a pop/alt. singer/songwriter from Orange County, CA who leads the band, VIDA

Alice Tan Ridley is an R&B/gospel singer & songwriter from New York, City

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