Welcome to the SingerUniverse Music Store. We are pleased to sell the best, music business resource books, which will help you connect with the top record labels, record producers, agents and attorneys. We also sell top, vocal instruction products, to help improve and strengthen your singing voice. Here are the different product categories; you can click a link to directly view the specific products in each category.

Music Registry Directories

Music Business Registry publishes the best-selling, most comprehensive directories of top industry executives. These directories provide detailed, up-to-date contact information on all of the A&R Executives, Music Publishing Executives, Film & Television Executives & Music Supervisors, and Music Business Attorneys & Business Affairs Executives.

A&R Registry

Price: $75.00
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Adobe PDF


This is the definitive directory which lists all of the top A&R executives at the major labels and top independent labels. Practically every A&R exec in the United States (including Los Angeles, New York and Nashville), Canada and England is listed here. The entire A&R staffs of each label are listed, from the President and Senior Vice President down to the junior A&R scout. Their phone and fax numbers, the names of their assistants, their office addresses, and their e-mail addresses are all included. Importantly, it also lists the style of music each executive focuses on. Producers, publishers, songwriters, managers and attorneys rely on this directory to know whom to pitch their artists and songs to. The A&R Registry is updated and published every two months, with the latest personnel changes meticulously documented.

Music Publishers Registry

Price: $75.00
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Adobe PDF


The Music Publishers Registry lists all of the major publishers as well as significant independent publishers in the United States (including Los Angeles, New York and Nashville), Canada and England. Not only are the creative/talent executives listed, but the Film & TV and International executives are also included. Their phone and fax numbers, the office addresses, the names of their assistants, and their e-mail addresses are all listed here. For anyone who wants to pitch their songs to a publisher, or to contact them for any other reason, this is the ideal directory.

Film & Television Music Guide

Price: $100.00
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Adobe PDF


This directory is an extensive compilation which lists the many contacts that can get your music into film and television. It lists all of the movie studios, television network and independent production company music departments, all music supervisors, film composers and their agents, music clearance companies, music libraries, music editors, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC film/TV divisions, scoring stages, and music preparation services. This is a highly useful book to pitch your songs for film, TV, trailers, commercials and video games.

Music Attorney, Legal & Business Affairs Registry

Price: $95.00
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Adobe PDF


This directory lists all music business attorneys (including the services they provide), their assistant's names, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and websites. In addition, this directory includes all Legal and Business Affairs personnel at all of the record labels, music publishers, film studios and television network music departments.

Pollstar Directory Books

Pollstar publishes several, best'selling, comprehensive directories which contain valuable information and contacts. These directories provided detailed, current listings of all the top Record Label Executives, Booking Agents, Concert Promoters and Talent Buyers.
Here is a description of each of the Pollstar books:

Record Company Directory

Price: $99.95 + Shipping Cost
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Book


This guide is indispensable to anyone accessing the complex recording industry. The listings for Major labels and Independent labels include detailed artist rosters, executive staff, personnel, direct phone numbers and fax numbers. The Record Company Rosters include Music Publishing info and contact information for Distribution Groups, complete with a helpful flow chart.

  • Major US Labels Staff Rosters with inside-line phone numbers, titles, divisions, mailing and e-mail addresses
  • Exclusive Detailed Artist Rosters for major labels and subsidiaries
  • Extensive Independent Label Listings with all contact information
  • Quick Reference Indexes for phone, fax, e-mail, web sites, artists and personnel
  • Major Label Distribution Groups with all contact information and flow charts
  • Expanded Music Publishers Listings with contact information

Booking Agency Directory

Price: $89.95 + Shipping Cost
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Book


An invaluable reference tool used daily by Talent Buyers and Venues from club to arena level, the Booking Agency Directory is updated biannually and provides data on more than 600 agencies representing over 10,000 artists worldwide. This directory has current international contact information that serious competitors in our global marketplace demand.

  • Detailed Artist and Agent Rosters for more than 600 booking agencies
  • Exclusive and Non-Exclusive agency representation notations
  • Easy Reference Index for every day use
  • Special Cross Index of booking agency personnel
  • Quick Reference Guide for phone, fax, email and web site addresses
  • Separate International booking agency rosters and index.

Talent Buyer Directory

Price: $89.95 + Shipping Cost
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Book


This directory lists every major concert promoter, nightclub, small venue, college, casino, festival, fair and theme park that books touring artists. This is an important book to have if you perform live or tour.

  • Festival and Fair Dates
  • Exclusive Executive Profile
  • College Enrollment Figures
  • Quick Reference Master Index
  • Personnel Cross Reference Index
  • Exclusive Venue Booking Notations
  • International Section Covering 67 Countries
  • Club Capacity and Music Format
  • Email addresses (where available)
  • Website addresses (where available)

Concert Venue Directory

Price: $99.95 + Shipping Cost
(Note: there is a 9.25% sales tax added if you are a California resident.)
Format: Book


Contact listings for every Major Concert Venue including Amphitheaters, Arenas, Stadiums, and Theaters throughout North America used by touring artists. Extensive and comprehensive, the Concert Venue Directory includes:

  • Contact names
  • Phone and fax numbers
  • Email addresses (where available)
  • Website addresses (where available)
  • Facility capacities
  • Rental and Box Office fees
  • and more

Vocal Instruction Products by Jeannie Deva

Here are four, excellent, vocal instruction products by respected vocal coach, Jeannie Deva.

Jeannie Deva’s Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 1 (instructional four-CD set & book)

Price: $$59.95 + Shipping Cost
Format: 4 CD Set and Book


Good for Beginners or Pros - Go at your own pace.

This easy and inexpensive course contains techniques designed specifically for the kinds of sounds and demands that are particular to singing Popular Music from Rock to Rap, Folk to R&B, Broadway to Blues. Packaged in an attractive plastic "travel-friendly" binder, The Contemporary Vocalist by Jeannie Deva is a fully illustrated 174-page book and four vocal exercise CDs.

Contained in The Contemporary Vocalist Volume 1:

  • 1A) Breath and Support: Jeannie Deva coaches you through the steps of four vital exercises that reveal to you the secrets of breath support and the success of this method.
  • 1B) Developing Control: The second half of the first CD, you apply your new found method of breath support to vocal exercises. You will discover that this method gives you greater control and ease of singing.
  • 2) Range and Control: Free your range as you relax and energize the natural and automatic functions of your voice. This CD limbers your vocal muscles giving you smoothness, flexibility and expansion of your useable range.
  • 3) Tone and Power: This third CD focuses on volume, relaxed power, enhanced resonance and sustain. The exercises are arranged to warm-up your voice first and cool you down at end, while being fun, creative and freeing.
  • 4) Working with Words: The final CD of this series consolidates your vocal advancement with correct use of vowels, consonants and words in general while singing. An understanding of how words affect your voice will give you freedom from the pit falls of over stressing consonants.

The CDs and book are interactive and never leave you wondering what to do next. Some of the book chapters include, "Natural Breathing, Freeing Your Natural Voice, Falsetto: Myth-Fear-Fact, How to Sing Hard and Avoid Vocal Blow -Out, Working on a Song" and much more.

Regardless of your current level of vocal ability, Jeannie Deva expertly guides you step-by-step through a process of vocal enhancement and discovery. She empowers you with the knowledge and tools that help you sing with confidence and control. Even if you are an experienced singer, it is recommended that you work with The Contemporary Vocalist Vol.1 before using The Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 2. This is because the method by which the exercises are done is more important than what notes or scales are sung. The method you use to practice the exercises in Vol. 2 is taught in Vol. 1 and you will get better results that way.

The Deva Method Vocal Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs (vocal practice CD)

Price: $$14.95 + Shipping Cost
Format: CD


Singers should always warm-up their voice before a rehearsal or gig, But how? Here it is! Just pop this CD into your car stereo on the way to your gig or rehearsal and follow the instructions by respected vocal coach Jeannie Deva.

You will sail into the first song in your best form, with throat muscles relaxed and your voice feeling free and resonant! When you've completed singing, use this CD again for a voice saving cool-down.

How important are vocal warm-ups? Ask yourself this: Would a professional athlete ever enter a competition or game without warming up? Not likely, so why not be a professional and warm-up your vocal muscles before performing or rehearsal.

Jeannie Deva’s Contemporary Vocalist Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (complete, instructional nine-CD set)

Price: $$121.35 + Shipping Cost
Format: 9 CD Set plus Book


Comprehensive, complete package. Contains 8-CD set (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2), the 174-page instructional book, and "The Deva Method Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs" CD, all for one price.

This is the complete package containing all of the Jeannie Deva, vocal instruction products. You will be receiving many months worth of vocal study and exercises for about the cost of two or three lessons with a teacher. Whether you are seasoned professional singer or a beginner, the Contemporary Vocalist will help you expand your range, improve tone and put more passion and confidence in your singing.

Newly released on CD, Volume Two contains incredible exercises to supplement Volume One and advance your voice to heights you have only imagined. For more detailed information about each volume, see their description in the Product section of our site. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your vocal horizons and receive the "Warm-Up and Cool-Downs" vocal practice CD as part of the package.

Indie Bible & Indie Venue Bible

The Indie Bible

Price: $34.95 (PDF Format - No shipping cost)


The Indie Bible is a respected, resource guide (now in PDF form only) which is edited by David Wimble. It is a valuable book for indie musicians, featuring massive listings of radio stations, music review publications, CD vendors/promoters, MP3 sites, and other resources. The Indie Bible shows you where to get your music reviewed, your songs played, and your CDs sold. The Indie Bible has 316 pages of valuable contacts and music-related articles.

The 9th Edition of the Indie Bible contains:

  • 4200 publications worldwide for publicity
  • 3400 radio stations worldwide for airplay
  • 600 vendors and services to help sell your music
  • 330 sites where you can upload your mp3 files
  • 500 helpful resources and sites where you can promote your music
  • 51 articles that will help your career to move forward

Listings include web, e-mail and physical address, as well as phone and fax numbers.

The Indie Venue Bible

Price: $24.95 (for each region)


From the creators of The Indie Bible, comes The Indie Venue Bible - a unique, comprehensive directory of live music venues. It is in electronic (.pdf) format and lists 26,000 venues and 2000 booking agents in the U.S. and Canada. The listings are arranged by area, making it easier for you to route and plan your tour.

The Indie Venue Bible lists the obvious venues that you can find in any venue directory. What sets it apart from the others is lesser known venues that you won't find listed anywhere else.

You'll find thousands of coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, theaters, clubs, halls, churches and book stores - any place you can land a gig! There are also thousands of wonderful venues listed in smaller towns that have been ignored by the mainstream venue directories. For example, there are listings for over 300 cities and towns in New York State alone. And to make your life easier, the Indie Venue Bible has painstakingly researched which genres of music each of these venues feature.

The Indie Venue Bible is sold in separate PDF directories by region. The directories are available for the following regions: U.S. Northeast, U.S. Southeast, U.S. North Central, U.S. South Central, U.S. Northwest, U.S. Southwest and Canada.